civil Construction

McKay Metis Energy Services is a fully-integrated energy services company providing leading infrastructure and access services to companies in upstream oil and gas, midstream, power, and alternative energy industries in the Fort McKay region.


Ability to manage small or single-service jobs as well as large and complex multi-discipline projects. Specializing in above and below ground pipelines, heavy civil earthworks, municipal infrastructure, driven and helical piles, and fabrication.


Industry leader in early-access solutions and has completed some of western Canada’s largest early-access projects
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civil construction

  • Civil Construction
  • Piling
  • Civil Reclamation
  • Right of Way Management
  • On Site Treatment of Soils
  • Well Lease Construction
  • Core Hole & Drilling Site Preparation

Tree Clearing

  • Mulching Low Impact Seismic (LIS) Lines For 2D & 3D Geophysical Survey.
  • Saw (Hand) Cutting Of Seismic Lines, Slashing & Cleanup
  • Pipeline Right-of-ways
  • Timber Salvage, Logging & Hauling
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A Way of Life At the Fort McKay Métis Group LTD, our goal is to promote a culture of safety through the proactive cultivation of an environment that effectively identifies and manages risk.

We aim for the recognition, evaluation, and education of our employees and clients in compliance with federal and provincial safety regulation and legislation. In addition to full compliance with all health and safety codes of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, we aim to fulfill the most advanced and up-to-date professional safety norms and practices to ensure every worker goes home safely.


Respect of self and community is a core value shared by all of our employees and board of directors. We recognize that we have inherited a rich history and we respect our traditions while building a prosperous future. This is reflected in our daily activities by adherence to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Pride in our work shows in every aspect of our corporate ethics, integrity, and achievement and stems from our sense of honour, culture,and Métis identity.

Honesty in business means transparency and accountability to clients and our community stakeholders.

Tradition shows in our work ethic and integrity. The Métis helped to build this region through adaptation to change while conserving our heritage. We continue this tradition of hard work and integrity through the provision of high-quality construction and transportation services to our clients and in the service of our community.


Our goal is to provide our clients with top-quality transportation and construction services at affordable rates and in the safest manner possible. Since our activities provide revenue for the Fort McKay Métis Community, we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction, growth and prosperity while ensuring the sustainability of our local environment based on the principles of self-reliance, self-determination and self-management.

The Métis values of respect, pride, honesty and tradition are reflected in every aspect of our business, from planning and project execution, to financial management and the distribution of profits. We aim to provide the highest quality of service to our clients based on a tradition of stewardship and respect for our environment, our people and our future.


As a social enterprise, we provide services and generate revenue in support of an economically and socially prosperous Fort McKay Métis community in a safe, healthy, secure and culturally proud environment. We strive to be the leading community owned Aboriginal business in the region promoting quality, safety and accountability.
By investing in our business you are investing in our community.